1.30 per minute,  pay in the bay or use a time card.

How does it work? -

Pull up to the entrance, the door will open automatically, drive in.

Choices to get started. Your option.

  1. Credit Card - swipe in the bay, press stop when done. Receipt is available from the cashier.
  2. Coin Operation -  use your stash or get loonies and toonies from the cashier.
  3. Time Card - get a time card from the cashier, swipe to start, press stop to end. When your done pay the cashier with - Debit Card, Credit Card, Fleet Card, Cash, or Charge to your Fleet Account.

(NOTE - to receive loyalty points you must use the time card option).

RV Bay Details

seven days a week.


Copyright 2018. Soapys Car Wash Corp. All Rights Reserved.

4876B - 46 Street Lacombe, AB

Open 7 am to 9 pm, 

Two 60' x 25' RV Bays


  • Double swinging overhead booms - no dirty hoses hanging on the wall or dragging through the muck. Only found at Soapy's.
  • Bay size perfect for work trucks, RV's, trailers and toys. We service the mid size market, no tractor trailers plugging up the bays.
  • Wide 16' x 14' high overhead doors for drive through at entrance and exit, no backing up necessary.