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Pre Soak - a very important step - this a low pressure super concentrated soap is for lubricating and loosening dirt before blasting it off. Especially good for removing bugs and road film.

High Pressure Soap - blasts the dirt off with a combination of industrial grade soap, hot water and high pressure.

Rinse - high pressure soft hot water to rinse off your vehicle.

Wax - high pressure wax another important step - this will bead all water off quickly and make your vehicle shine.

Foam Brush - sometimes your car needs that little extra friction to get stubborn film off. Use the foam brush to really scrub and shine. We use only the softest hogs hair bristles and rinse the brush out after every use.

Tri Color Wax - extra shine and UV protection from our handheld triple foam gun - great for those special cleaning days and entertaining the kids!

Indoor Vacuum - in every bay - quiet and super powerful to clean your car's trunk and interior.

320 MPH Air Shamee - only available at Soapys! Quick dry your car, truck, bike. Also great for ensuring locks and doors do not freeze up (please keep nozzle 20 - 30 cm away from your vehicle).

Bug Remover / Tire Cleaner - super concentrated low pressure cleaner, the longer you can leave it to soak in the better.

Afraid of Change? - you can use it in our RV Bays! Sorry on the barn side we do not accept coins in the bay as we use a time ticket process there.

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